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  • The Complete FF30X Program Series (Phases #1-4) – this is the program series where you’ll continue to reach your goal body-fat and weight; Phases #1-4 make up a full year long transformation program.
  • The Complete Old School Muscle Series (Phases #1-4) – this is the program series where you’ll focus on building muscle and age-defying strength; all phases make up a full year long transformation program.
  • Travel Fit – this bonus program will show you exactly how to eat healthy & exercise while on vacations or business trips; we cover packing, ordering out, and travel-specific workouts with minimal equipment.
  • Total Body Tune-Up – this bonus program focuses exclusively on helping you fix areas of your body that you’re experiencing pain from old injuries so you can move and feel younger.
  • Fit Mother 30X (FM30X) – as a full-access Fit Father All-Access Member, you can gift our women’s fat loss program to any special lady in your life…for free.
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